Hi Nesians,

Currently, Commerce 1.4 and Shoppinggo 1.1 haven't supported the latest WooCommerce 2.1.x.

Please DO NOT upgrade your WooCommerce site to this latest version.

We're still in progress of upgrading all of our themes and will release next version soon.
We'll keep you updated as soon as we release them.

In the meantime, if you're happened to already upgrade your WooCommerce, you can roll back to the previous WooCommerce version by downloading it from http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/developers/

Thanks for your understanding.

Double display of some options on the product page
  • Hi Nesia support !
    I'm creating this post cause i'm facing a small problem with my Nesia layout :
    Everything was working fine with the template but i had a problem with translations of some words on the ecommerce part of the website ( some words displayed in English instead of French )
    I've read some documentation infos to fix this problem ( installation of WPML plugins ect....) a few days after that i finally found how to fix the problem but since i've installed theses plugins i've got a problem on my page : the "information part" of the product (where the description text is displayed is now in double. and the additionnal problem is that the selection of the weight of the product is displayed in the 1st part of the description and the quantity and add to cart button is displayed on the 2nd table of the description (i don't know if it's clear)
    I would like to send you some screenshot so you can see what i mean.
    I have no idea how to fix this problem.
    Can you help me fix that please?
  • Hello graphicinvasion,

    Yes please, could you send us the screenshots?
    And could you point us directly to some URLs of yours that has this problems?

    Note: if you don't want to show this publicly, you can send the screenshots and your URLs via Conversation feature in this Forum. Just click 'Inbox' menu on the Top Menu then click 'Start New Conversation' button in the 'Conversations/Inbox' page.

    Also, if you have activated some plugins before, have you tried to disable them?
    Does it works normally again after you disabled them?
  • Thanks for your answer,
    i would like to send you some screenshots but there are no way on your forum so we can upload some images, how can i do?

    I've tried to disable some plugins and i found that the plugin "WPML Multilingual CMS" is the one that create the double description and the problem that i told you previously.
    Unfortunately when i disable it the whole translation of the terms in French disappear too... And my store is half english/half french (not very professional for my customers )
    I posted a topic on WPML support forum to have some help from them too.

    If you want to check out the problem and see what i mean here is the URL of the product page:


    here is the link of my post of the wpml support forum:

    I hope someone will be able to fix my problem

    thanks for the help guys !
  • Hi graphicinvasion,

    If you need to send any screenshots or file, you can use Dropbox or any other 3rd party file sharing tool. Then you can send the shared links to us.

    Note: if you don't want to show the links publicly, you can send them via Conversation feature in this Forum. Just click 'Inbox' menu on the Top Menu of this forum and click 'Start New Conversation' button when you get to the 'Conversations/Inbox' page.


    One things we'd like to ask before, do you need your page in multilingual or actually you're satisfy with one language (that is French, in your case) only?

    If you need just one language at your site, actually you might not need the WPML plugin. Just use the WooCommerce localization feature they have provided.

    Here's a link you might want to read for further instruction:

    But if you need your site in multilingual, then we need to make sure if Commerce already support WPML first.
    We'll come back to you after we confirm this.

  • Thanks for your answer guys, i followed some instructions of the WPML support , they told me to update every WPML plugins and woocommerce versions in order to see if the problem is fixed, and in worked ! So I do not need support on this problem anymore, thanks for your help
    have a nice day
  • Glad to hear that you can solve the problems of yours :)

    Have a nice day, too!
  • can you confirm that WPML is supported on Commerce 1.3? I'm also looking forward to install this
  • Hi Claudio,

    No, we haven't submitted Commerce to WPML, so we can't confirm that WPML is supported on Commerce.

    You can try it though, on your testing environment, not in the live site if you want to install WPML on Commerce.

  • Hi,
    could you ask for a copy that I can test for you?

    I would feel terrible in paying 50$ for a plugin that doesn't work and nobody will refund me, while I could do the job of testing it for you... and I know they give a licence for developers!
  • Any update on the matter?
  • Hi Claudio,

    We have just submitted Commerce to WPML.org
    Currently we are waiting for them to be reviewed.

    We'll keep you updated after there are news from them.

  • Hi,
    is there any update on this matter?
  • Hi Claudio,

    When we submitted to WPML, it's already in queue with other themes, about 10 or so.
    It's going to take a while to get feedback from them.

    We'll keep you updated after we got anything from WPML.

  • A month has almost passed... any news?
  • No Claudio, unfortunately, we haven't heard any news from them either :(
    We'll try to contact them again, if possible.

    Thanks for patiently waiting for our response.

  • 2 months are in... any news?
  • Unfortunately, we're still hear nothing from them :(

    We'll try to contact them again or if required, re-submit our theme.


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